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5 signs that you’ve got the right tenant

Posted on 2014-05-16

As a landlord, managing a house on rent can be a real headache, but it’s actually a whole lot easier when you have great tenants. Although there are some common factors that make up the ideal tenant, it all comes down to what is right for you and your property. Here are five signs that you should look out for when handing over the keys and signing that all-important agreement.

1. Making Sure They Know When to Call
It may sound surprising, but a good tenant should actually read the lease thoroughly and check through it before calling you up and disturbing you when you've just sat down for dinner after a long day. Unnecessary calls about minor issues such as slightly blocked drain at inconvenient hours aren't what you want. They should inform you however, about more serious issues in due time so that you can fix the leaking pipe instead of the falling plaster when the problem has gone on too long. And when we mean informing, we mean informing, not demanding. They should trust that you know and will make adequate time to make repairs and sort out issues without repeatedly reminding you to do so.

2. They Have a Job
Financial security and good money management is a key characteristic of a good tenant. If you want your rent paid in full and on time, then this is the way to make sure of it. The right tenant should have a regular income when they are applying for tenancy. Whether this is in a full-time job or through successful freelance work, check their employment history and credit through a tenant referencing service, as this is the only way to be sure if they are being completely honest. Calculate their affordability by estimating whether the price of rent amounts to a third of their income. This should give you a good idea of how reliable they will be when it comes to making regular payments.

3. They’re Respectful
Being respectful and communicating in a courteous manner is just common sense, right? Wrong. You've probably heard all kinds of tenancy nightmares about impatient landlords and rude tenants. Unless you want to take a whole load of stress on your shoulders, cut the drama by picking a tenant that is kind, considerate and open. These are the ingredients for a clean property and a calm tenancy.

4. They’re Neighbourly
Following on from being respectful, the best tenant is friendly and understanding too. To avoid receiving complaints from neighbours, your tenant should understand that pets and noise shouldn't impose on anyone living in the properties around them. Even better, if they forge relationships with their neighbours then they can discuss any issues directly and not involve you as a landlord – a definite bonus.

5. They Click With You
When it comes to choosing the right tenant, it’s good to go with your gut. You can read the best application in the world but if you get an uneasy feeling when you decide to show them around the place, then it’s a sign that there may not be a comfortable relationship in the future. Any questions that you have should be easy and natural for them to answer and you should get along to a certain level that allows communication to be open and understanding. A tenancy, when you think about it, is really a commitment that you’re both bound to and you’re required to deal with any problems together. Sound like marriage? I know, but luckily it’s not!

Consider what aspects are important to you as every landlord has their personal preferences and would like to find a tenant that is ideal for their specific type of property. Take careful steps to research their background and make a well-informed decision to ensure a smooth and stress-free tenancy period.

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